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XO Ruddy is more than just a blog- it’s a community for women to come together and share their stories and feel safe doing so. A judgement free zone. A place where those with “no voice” are able to be heard. Where stories can be shared and felt because they are relatable. A community where friendships are formed, dialogue is open, and the desire to make a better tomorrow for the generation we have birthed exists. Most blogs and forums exclude “Black and Brown” women when it comes to their articles and discussion topics, furthering the idea of “2 separate worlds”. Please join us in this journey as we take on the unknown journey of motherhood, battle racism (both systematic and in our personal lives), defeat toxic masculinity, and break generational curses while ensuring new ones aren’t made. –XO Ruddy

Five Minute Stories for Parents: Who said they were just for kids?

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Special Delivery Pt 2

Part two ! What to pack for baby 🐣 When it came to pack for baby, I packed very light! Most hospitals supply the essentials, which comes in handy and you can leave your baby essentials for when you get home! So for my special delivery, this is what I packed: Since I would nowContinue reading “Special Delivery Pt 2”

Special Delivery

When I had my first child, I had zero idea what to pack in my hospital bag. When I had my second, it became a little more clear, but when I had my third, it felt like second nature and I think my husband was kinda happy that he did not have to lug 3Continue reading “Special Delivery”

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